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Tuesday 10 October 2023

A Simple Encouragement In “The last days”.


With all that is happening in Israel and Russia and Ukraine at the moment this has caused many Christians to believe that the end is immanent. Some Christians believe that everything that happens in Israel is a sign of the end times and those end times are now. While I disagree with that reading of Scripture, and so would most pastors in history have disagreed with it, whether you believe it or not here is some advice and some encouragement for times like this:

Live like Jesus could come back at any minute. And invest in yourself, family, church and society like he may not return for a thousand years.

This is how the church wins. By living like our Saviour and judge might return at any moment, so that we have an urgency in how we seek to apply his word to our lives. But also, by recognizing that no generation of the church lived without this same motivation and yet Christ has not yet returned for nearly 2000 years. Therefore, it is good to invest in the future of your people and nation because there may be many centuries before Christ returns. 

Whatever is happening in the Middle East, Israel, Russia, Europe or wherever, this is a winning formula for the Church if we live ready for his return but also with a view towards building for the future. Let us never live otherwise.

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