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Thursday 15 June 2023

Modern Architecture Is Evil


It is for this same reason that modern warehouse style churches, with big black walls are also offensive to the soul.

Beauty inspires.

Plan, solid black walls suck the atmosphere and life out of the room. Someone might respond, but that is counteracted by the infusion of atmosphere from the smoke machines and the ways the music and the lights are used. To which I would respond, exactly, the fact that you must counteract it, proves my point, doesn’t it?

The Medieval Christians get hammered often by modern people, even modern Christians, but they made places of worship works of art for a reason; their souls were elevated by beauty, and they wished to inspire it in others.

Think about this, the Medieval mind was more capable of recognizing beauty and recreating it, than the modern mind. How is this possible?

Two things:

1) The medieval mind was shrouded in the knowledge and propagation of the truthfulness and goodness of God. The atheistic mind is not capable of reaching the same heights, so consistently.

2) The modern mind is constantly bombarded by messaging that restricts its ability to lift up the good, beautiful and true in many contexts and this has an impact on its ability to both appreciate beauty and propagate beauty.

Modern society is highly judgemental and critical of many eras of the past. Some of this is justified, after all, we have advanced technologically in many ways. But some of it is very misguided, many ancient peoples were far more capable of looking to their predecessors and seeking to emulate what they did so well. But the modern mind is largely shrouded by the bleak landscape that surrounds the majority of its thinkers on a daily basis. When you are surrounded by the horrors of the concrete jungle from day to day, it is very easy to forget how much more beautiful things can be. 

The modern mind needs to be reawakened to beauty. A lot of modern architecture is very evil in its presentation, it lacks all that is good and beautiful. Though this is not true everywhere. I drove with my family through a beautiful upper middle class neighborhood recently, where all of the houses were very striking. They were simple, made from various kinds of brick, but they were done so well as to fit into the environment around them, that they gave a strong sense of beauty. So this tendency to search for beauty in creative endeavours still exists in mankind, may it be more greatly awakened. 

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