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Wednesday 21 June 2023



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If you think about how much you hate corporations seeking to assimilate you to rainbow ideology and other aspects of woke corporate culture, then you can understand how in some way how much some minority groups hate the idea of being forced to assimilate, to give up their culture and to lose their identity.

Just think about.

Once you understand this, it will change your views on many issues, because you'll see how often it is immoral to force others to assimilate, and it's also unworkable not to encourage assimilation, because vastly different cultures living close together will come into conflict - diversity and division come from the same root work after all. So you have a situation where, if you want to make vastly different people live close together, you either have to do what is immoral, or at least unfair, and pressure some of them to some degree to reject their heritage and identity or you have to choose to limit diversity as much as possible so misunderstandings don't happen, and lead to greater conflict.

These lessons have been learnt by peoples throughout history, and eventually every people seeks to reassert their identity and be ruled by their own people and values. It's not Marxism which causes this desire in ethnic minorities in the West for self assertion, it's understanding their own unique identity, and wishing to be sovereign in their identity that does this. We know this because we see it through all of history, how many years were the Israelites in Egypt? 400 years. At what point did they become Egyptians? They did not.

If you want an out of the box argument note this: in Star Trek, the worst bad guys were the Borg, because they wanted assimilation at all costs. And many of the enemies of the Federation saw the Federation the same way, because the Federation essentially did the same thing.

How long will the West play with such issues. My guess, as long as the wealth keeps rolling in, and most people have it good, until the time comes when the good times end, people will ignore all the warning signs of diversity clashes. Because there's enough to go around. But looking at the state of the world, the good times might be ending sooner than we thought.


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