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Wednesday 1 February 2023

The Curse of Entanglements

Last year, I wrote multiple pieces, theological and historical, about the evil of alliances, and the foolishness of them. 

I have more pieces planned this year. But simple statements can be more persuasive than entire detailed and reasoned research articles: 

America is helping rebuild the German army to help it invade eastern Ukraine under a smokescreen of just "sending military aid". Something they engaged in World War 2 to make sure never happened. The entire reason for World War 2 is because Adolf wanted to invade the East of Europe to control it. Now America is making sure that Europe extends its power over that region with their go ahead and not just support, but drive.

Such is the foolishness alliances bring upon a nation. You'll find yourself undoing the work of your grand fathers, because the gameboard of the world has shifted. And it's a never ending shifting board. It's the futility entangling your nation in alliances brings upon it. It's the curse that great powers all fall under, eventually. 

America was founded under the principle of refusing to get involved in "foreign entanglements". It's now fully entangled, and it's taking Europe and us along for a ride with it. It is crazy. I wonder if people felt this same surreal sense of beholding insanity while witnessing the build up to the previous two World Wars?

Its going to be interesting. Pray for our world. Pray that by the grace of God, you and your family can be kept far away from the conflict. 

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