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Thursday 23 February 2023

Energy Rationing


Image: Unsplash

The capitulation of most of society during covid has had precisely the effect on the elites and government officials that many of the so-called “conspiracy-theorists” predicted it would have: it has told them just how far they can push people, if they want to and if they use enough psychological pressure to do so. As the Daily Mail reports,

“Climate change could be tackled with the help of a World War II-style rationing of petrol, meat and the energy people use in their homes, UK scientists say.

They claim that this would help countries to slash their greenhouse gas emissions 'rapidly and fairly'.

Researchers from the University of Leeds also said that governments could restrict the number of long-haul flights people make in a year or 'limit the amount of petrol one can buy in a month'.

They said that previous schemes put forward as a way to fight global warming – such as carbon taxes or carbon trading schemes – would not work because they favoured the wealthy, who would effectively be able to buy the right to pollute.

The experts also made a comparison with the need to limit certain goods as they grew scarce in the 1940s, adding that trying to achieve this by raising taxes was rejected at the time because 'the impact of tax rises would be slow and inequitable'.”

Things are unfolding precisely the direction that many people suspected they would, because human nature, in many ways, is very predictable. Those who are in power have certain agendas and the response of massive populations to their over-the-top and extreme covid policies has shown them there is a whole new tool-box of methods they can now make use of.

The perception of the imminent collapse of society must be fostered in the people, and once these seeds of fear have taken root, then you can justify any and all means of controlling the populace. They will welcome their saviours, no matter how extreme, once they are convinced that they need saving. Convince them of this, and then they will crowd like sheep around your shepherds crook.

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