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Thursday 14 March 2024

Exactly as We Should Have Expected


The West was a rule of law civilisation, that is the concept that there is a higher law that all human laws should submit to and be consistent with.

When divine law became natural law and then simply man's law,

When the authority of rulers being given by God became authority given by the people for the people,

When the rule of law became one law for the elites and one law for the rest of us,

When the guidance of ancient institutions tested by centuries became guidance by the latest fad,

When social justice replaced justice, remember justice needs no qualifier it simply ought to be applied, and therefore justice was abandoned, 

When man had successfully transformed all of these things, the heart of the West being centered around a vision of Christ, however flawed in application yet still grand, was replaced by a society centered around the sinful nature of man.

Western man etched away at every foundation and found himself standing in a house of rubble.

We are exactly where we should be, having made all the changes to our civilisation that we did. You cannot reject every foundation upon which your civilisation stood, and not find your society in a state of thorough confusion and ever-increasing decline.

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