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Friday 15 September 2023

Babylon 19th Century Edition


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Many people are aware of the passage in Revelation 18:23 regarding Babylon that says “and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.” And they are also aware that the word for sorcery that is used is “pharmakeia” from which we get the modern word pharmacy. The reason a word referring to drugs is also translated to refer to magic is really rather simple; drug use is intrinsic to sorcery and drug use also opens you up to supernatural influences.

Babylon has always relied on satanic worship and rituals which involved various kinds of sorcery and people have correctly noted that there are deep connections between the pharmaceutical company and the kind of deception and evil associated with sorcery. A very prominent example is from one of the founders of psychology himself, Sigmund Freud. Freud was effectively a modern Chaldean, that is a magi or dream interpreter. Dream interpretation was central to the development of psychology and Freud’s usage of what amounts to a modern version of ancient Dream interpretation practices is quite famous. As Freud notes,

“In what we may term "prescientific days" people were in no uncertainty about the interpretation of dreams. When they were recalled after awakening they were regarded as either the friendly or hostile manifestation of some higher powers, demoniacal and Divine. With the rise of scientific thought the whole of this expressive mythology was transferred to psychology; to-day there is but a small minority among educated persons who doubt that the dream is the dreamer's own psychical act.”[i]

So, the connection between psychology and sorcery is really not up for debate. Psychologists and psychiatrists are in many very specific ways the heirs of ancient magi/dream interpretation practices. So it should surprise no one that Freud was a big fan of and a peddler of drugs. The man was a peddler of cocaine, thst is he was paid by the pharmaceutical companies to push cocaine onto people.

There is no doubt that the pharmaceutical company is just an extension of Babylon, and it should surprise no one to see the deep connections between early psychology and the biggest drug dealers in the world. They have deceived the world with their pharmakeia and they continue to do it.

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