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Monday 5 December 2022

Patterns Of Behaviour

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Patterns of behaviour. Many patterns are easy to discern for the intelligent observer. Some Patterns are harder than others to observe, but careful study reveals them to the person who pays attention. 

One of the most consistent Patterns of conservative Christians is their obsession with secular figures who say mildly Christian adjacent things. They adore such people and spend vast amounts of energy on them. They will allow such Christian adjacent heretics to promote vast heresies, and defend them as "on a journey" or "not a Bible teacher", whereas they would not tolerate a fraction of the same error or behaviour from an actual professing Christian teacher. I think there are several reasons for this, but they are not relevant here. What is relevant is that this is a consistent pattern, and anyone paying attention will take note of it. 

The most intelligent observer of this behaviour (outside of the Divine) is the Devil himself. He would see this, see it as the weakness it is and seek to exploit it, by throwing up a constant stream of such figures, who sprout all manner of heresies and nonsense while under a banner of Christian conservative defence and a "wait to see where he ends up" approach. His more intelligent acolytes in the media and entertainment would observe the same behaviour and monetise it, profit off of it, while promoting such heresies. All the while vast arrays of conservatives will follow the pattern of using kids gloves on a clearly dangerous teacher, because "he's close the kingdom" or "kingdom adjacent"; which is a bad way to think anyway
It's incumbent on the intelligent conservative to observe that this pattern has been observed, and undermine the strategy of the evil one, by giving little credence to such acolytes. 

The Bible helps here, because it warms us not to worry about the confession status of someone speaking heresies amd lies, it says reject all who teach such things as dangerous; pagan, "Christian adjacent", or not. It's matters not if someone claims to be a believer or not, if they teach false things about the Bible, God or Jesus, they are an Antichrist figure.

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