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Thursday 2 January 2020

Some Of My 2019 Reading List

Some of the books I read last year:
John Locke's: Two Treatises on Government.
J B Bury's: A History of the Freedom of Thought.
Hellaire Belloc's: The Jews (dedicated to a Jewish woman, the author had deep affection for. He actually predicted the holocaust, and the holodomor, and tried to prevent both with his book).
Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Two Hundred Years Together, (a must read to understand who the Bolsheviks really were, and how internationalism harmed Russia and the World).
A J P Taylor's: The Origins of the Second World War (mandatory reading for a rudimentary knowledge of why it began, according to Oxford at least).
Charle's Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities.
Martin Van Creveld: The Privileged Sex (why women always have been, always will be, and indeed must be the privileged sex).
William S. Lind: On War (so, very good, read it).
Karl Marx: The Communist Manifesto (2nd or 3rd time I've read it, had to refresh for an article I wrote).
Jordan Peterson: 12 Rules (had to read it for accuracy and credibility's sake on an article I published).
Stephen Meyer's: Debating Darwin's Doubt.
Peter Schafer's: Jesus and the Talmud. (a Jewish scholar's perspective).
Martin Luther's: On the Jews and Their Lies.
The Unseen Realm: Michael S Heiser.
Walton: Genesis Commentary: Christian academia has been overrun by the same globalist nonsense the rest of academia has been infected by. Which is sad.
John Marshall: John Locke, Toleration and Early Enlightenment Culture.
Oh and the correspondence between John Locke and Philippus Van Limborch, two men who shaped our modern world.
(Still reading: Aristotle's Rhetoric, Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, Faxneld's Satanic Feminism. Grimm's Fairytales, Greuber's Norse Mythology and Creveld's Equality: The Impossible Quest).
And other books, countless articles, and more.
The highlight was William S Lind: Because of his insight into 4th generation war, which will effect us all in the coming century.
The most informative was Solzhenitsyn. Why? Because it shows how much our western media lies about how and why the Russian Revolution actually happened.
The best Christian theology book was Heiser's Unseen Realm. Why? Because it opened my eyes to God's majesty in amazing ways.
The most controversial book: Luther's on the Jews. Too many people talk about this book without reading it. They should stop talking about it, they know not what they are saying. Read controversial books while you can, it is only a matter of time before the Bible is added to the list of too controversial in some parts of the West.
Most heartwarming book: Easy, Dicken's Tale of Two Cities. The guy was a literary genius, and a true man of God. Boy we have lost so much of our Christian heritage. The book illustrates the greatest love; to lay down one's life for one's loved ones.
Worst Book on the list: That's an easy pick: Peterson's 12 Rules. But hey, to be fair there are some real historical greats on this list.
Biggest Lesson I learnt: The forces of evil are constantly seeking to rewrite history, twist Christianity, and make us forget who we really are in the west, and most westerners don't care, and blithely let it happen.
Look forward to finishing the books I'm reading, and reading more in the new year. Too many books, not enough time to read.
What's on your list?

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