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Saturday 15 June 2024

Say the Words, “I Am Sorry.”


Say those words. I am sorry. They are necessary, required and just. The leaders of our nation, and indeed many nations around the world, abused their people, insulted them, attacked them, coerced them and bullied them into taking an experimental medical treatment that they did not want, or need. It is time to say sorry.

It is not like many people could not see this at the time,

"Fourth, making vaccination the basis of participating in normal life would make no logical sense in terms of protecting others. A “CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated,” especially noting that four of those who were vaccinated were admitted to hospital. As we have said, we respect people’s right and choice to be vaccinated. But this type of data, published by America’s leading body of disease experts, causes people to wonder about the effectiveness of the vaccine along with concern about coercive measures by which to have it administered.  As it is evident that vaccines do not prevent infection, to restrict a person’s access to society based on a medical choice is questionable."

- The Ezekiel Declaration, August 2021, point 4.

But many people refused to see this at the time, and now evidence is mounting that those who were warning against the lockdowns, mandates and coercion were spot on. Well, in reality it has been mounting for years, but the lame stream media is finally tolling the bell,

"Mounting evidence shows the vaccines were rushed, less effective than you’d expect of a jab, and, in some cases, dangerous.

The whole premise of mandates was to protect the community. But these vaccines didn’t stop contraction or transmission of Covid – so what exactly were we protecting?...

…Even former deputy chief medical officer Nick Coatsworth now admits he hasn’t had a Covid vaccine for two years.

If one of the most high-profile doctors in the country won’t do it, why would the rest of us?

And most of us haven’t. By May last year, nearly 17 million Australian adults had not had a booster in the past six months.”[1]

As I have said several times, in a moment of anxiety we threw away all our principles and reason as a society. A great crime was perpetrated on Australians, and many people cheered it on, and our society will not be able to truly move on until these errors are publicly acknowledged and corrected, and laws are put in place to make these errors impossible again. Or, even better, we could have just followed the laws we already had that said it was illegal to coerce people into a medical treatment all along. But why would our society follow these laws if no authorities are ever held to account by them?

Many people need to say sorry, some authorities need to be brought to account. Those who call out society wide coercion will always end up being vindicated, eventually, but if you want to avoid this kind of travesty on a national scale again, there needs to be some accountability. Otherwise, we are ripe for a fresh round of the same disaster.

It starts with saying sorry, and then the investigations. 

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