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Monday 21 November 2022

A Million-Mile Fall From Grace

Image: Unsplash

In about a decade the discourse in public has gone from, "You don't need God to be good." To, "If you believe in God's word you are bad and should be silenced."

There's no neutral morality. There is the true morality, that comes from God. And the world's morality, that hates God and is rightly called wicked.
Rejection of God as a moral standard is never a slippery slope, it is always a million-mile fall from grace, where morality fails to hit the ground for some time (yes I am paraphrasing the band Live).

We need to write about this profusely so that the coming generations might see the many ways in which Western civilization went wrong, and how they can ensure they do not repeat the mistakes we made. They may make their own, of course, but the mistakes our current generation have made need to be learnt from. Much of the Church helped in the secularization process, believing it was the charitable thing to do. Much of the Church believed the world when it said, "We do not need God to be good." Incredible.

Future generations will need a record of how we messed things up, so they can protect themselves from the same mistakes. Civilisation may be falling, but we worship a God who specializes in redeeming the fallen who trust in him.

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