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Tuesday 31 May 2022

The Gun Made Modern Society Possible.

Before guns were invented the Mongol hordes dominated Asia and all of Eastern Europe. Their highly trained horse warriors suppressed the development of Eastern European and Asian societies. They annihilated armies, killed millions in their way, and they would have overcome Europe but for one thing: the invention of the rifle allowed moderately trained troops to stop the highly trained Mongol hordes. 

Similar examples can be given for other parts of the world as well. 

People asking for the banning of guns get sentimental support, because they feed off unthinking emotion stirred up by passion. But the people expousing this ignorance have no idea the evil this will unleash on the world. 

The world was far more deadly and dangerous for Civilisation before the gun. Before it was invented tribal warriors would waltz into villages and towns and rape, murder and kill every single human in the village. Regularly. Ban the gun and that world will return.

Like it or not gun made modern society possible. 

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